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hand baggage suitcase sizes


The size of hand baggage always is a nightmare at low cost european airlines. We were looking for info about hand baggage size because our love black and green trolley can fly in almost all companies. We found a very interesting website with information about that matter.

They have collected the hand baggage sizes and weights from more than 20 air flights companies in Europe.? You will find the most popular like?Iberia, Air France?and low cost like?EasyJet, Vueling o RyanAir.

hand baggage suitcase sizes

If you are a frequent flier, you know that each one has its own sizes and they haven?t a standard for all companies.? That will be easier for us when we will buy a suitcase for travelling.? Be careful if you fly to Europe and you want to take domestic flights.

In the next table, we resume all sizes and weights that you can find in the official sites for each company.? Please, you must to check? hand baggage size and weights before flying.? They like to change them from time to time.

Hand Baggage Size and Weights Table:

Air Lingus55 cms40 cms24 cms10 kg
Air Europa55 cms35 cms25 cms10 kg
Air France55 cms35 cms25 cms12 kg
Avianca55 cms35 cms25 cms10 kilos
EasyJet50 cms40 cms20 cmsNo limit if you can fit under your seat
Iberia56 cms45 cms25 cmsNot found at website
Lufthansa55 cms40 cms23 cms8 kg
Ryanair55 cms40 cms20 cms10 kg
Vueling55 cms40 cms20 cms10 kg

In this post you can read more info about hand baggage sizes and weights.? If you are looking for other companies or bigger suitcases, we recommended to visit?medidas de maletas.

Also they had made images for better understand.

Vueling hand baggage sizeWe hope that all this information about hand, you will have easy for buying a new trolley or suitcase or your forget maximum weight that you can inside the plane.? By the way, if you need to buy a cheap flight, we love?Skyscanner.

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