About us

First, We want to thank you to arrive here to know us better.

We are Ismael and Mari Carmen. We live at Málaga (Spain) and we are traveling (in our holidays) around the world since 2004. Egypt, USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany,… We are lucky for visiting so many countries, cities and towns.? We always try to learn as much as possible and enjoy the marvellous that we find.

We write in English at whattimesailing.com.  If you want to read in Spanish, you will find it at Cuentaviajes.com.  We love traveling, We have traveled with our family since we were children.

Mari Carmen de nina en Granada

Our first trip together were few months later after we met at University.

Why we travel?

It is a question that We made ourselves. We travel because We are curious and lively. We believe that knowing places, cultures and other way of thinking will help us to understand other different point of view. Many times you understand that something than is the most important thing for you, another person even? does not know it.  WC is in every house in Europe, but in Africa is a luxury and yours is stupid if you compare with a japanese one.

Summary, we travel to be freedom and open our eyes to the world.

Now, it start the difficult moment. We try to define ourselves but each to other.

How is Mari Carmen? by Ismael

Manmely - Mari Carmen Gonzalez PinazoIf you anytime need a travel companion, she is the best you can. Pretty, nice, tireless, clever and smart. She said that she can speak English but understand to anybody, Although it is difficult for her to let go but she is able to make herself understood no matter who.

Don’t try to spin her or the plane has turbulences, she will have motion sickness in a blink of the eye. Another curiosity? is that She has vertigo from others beside her. I can not take a look to a cliff, dock or sidewalk close to the edge.

She is the one who down me to mother earth when I planned the quantity of trips and places to visit.

She works in the deep bank worlds So you know who is the money admin, loves reading, walking and running. Everything is okand she will adapt to any situation.? If we have a luxury dinner at Edinburgh with trekking boats, she will go. If you have to eat a kebap with the bread opened with a greasy hands, she eat it.

I can forget that she loves shopping and shoe stores. She will be crazy with a heel shoe.

How is Ismael? by Mari Carmen.

Ismael is the dreamiest and restless person than I know. He is always inventing, so he often surprise me and no matter how many years we are together. Moreover he has the capacity to see the good face of everything. He will excited with any small detail and that make that some place with him will be magic.

In our travel tandem, he is the person in charge to understand with somebody, he speak english better than me.  He doesn’t get embarrassment to ask or start a conversation with any people that cross with him.Ipaelo triste postvacacional

He loves new technologies and is an arrant geek (Star Wars, Lord of the rings, Game of thrones, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, etc..). In the other hand, He read everything that he can get (believe me, EVERYTHING!) and after read it, he will tell you like if he is living it. He is very passionate. He loves running, is the person more?tenacious than I met in my life. Although he also likes to spend Sunday afternoons watching movies at home.

He is attentive because I have motion sickness very easy? and he is patient and take care of me when I got sick.  If I have to write something negative, he has two lefts. I will explain, if he has the map in the car, you have to be careful because he can say right when we need to go left. So he has one left and the other left. We have been lost so many times that we laugh a lot and that is not always negative in that we find exciting places.

Travels Map

Mapa de Viajes

Our last words are for thanking all of you to arrive here. We hope that your like what we write, tape and photograph.


Una foto publicada por Whattimesailing (@whattimesailing) el

We will meet at any place in the world 🙂


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