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Dishes Ellen Stardust Dinner

New York city is one of the places in the world where you know that you can find any kind of food or restaurant. Ellen´s Stardust Diner is one restaurant at NY that you will remember all your life.


You will think you have return to old times.? It is decorated like old 50?s american restaurants that We watched at TV and movies.? It has two floors, and from the upper one you will have full view of that will happen in the ground floor.? Vynils music records on the walls, 50?s or 60?s posters, an old jukebox, waiters are dressed in old fashion style with bowling shirts and the waitresses with long skirts and vintage scarves tied around theirs necks.

Ellen´s Stardust Diner Menu

Menu is very typical at this kind of restaurant: American Breakfast with? pancakes, big startters, omelettes salads, big burgers, delicious steaks, all flavours milkshakes and amazing desserts.

Breakfast are served from 7am to 11am with an interesting availability of fresh products.

Desayunos en Ellen?s Stardust Dinner

From 11 am you can order anything, you will find vegetarian options (few) and any gluten-free. They have starters for any taste, salads, sandwiches, fish, meat and  burgers. We can say if you leave Ellen’s Stardust diner without eating, It will be because you have gone after eating at other place.

You can read a full menu at their website.

We ordered baked potatos with sour cream, N. Y. style Sirloin and three mini burgers.

Comida Ellen Stardust Dinner

One note:? You have to order a 20$ minimum budget by person.? Don?t worry if you order some dish you will arise to it.

If you have arrived reading to this point, you will ask: Why is so special that people recommended?

Please, continue reading to know it.

Very best of de Ellen´s Stardust Diner

Each time that somebody asked us where to go for lunch or dinner at New York,  We always, always, recommended Ellen´s Stardust Diner.  Its address is at 7th Avenue with Broadway, It is very easy to find due to its lights.

Entrada Ellen?s Stardust Dinner

American Sitcoms lovers will remember when Monica, a main role at Friends, worked in a 50’s restaurant and the following scene happened:

This is Manmely face opposite me:

Manmely mirando a la cantante en Ellen?s Stardust Dinner

And the following image is happening behind me in an edge between two sits.


[one_half]Cantante en Ellen?s Stardust Dinner[/one_half][one_half_last]Cantante en Ellen?s Stardust Dinner[/one_half_last]

Waiters and Waitresses are musical singers that are training for a play or are waiting for an opportunity. They work at  Ellen’s Stardust Diner to earn money. It is a very funny experience for children and adults. They will show for any place, if they know that is your birthday or wedding anniversary, You will be play a main role that evening. They will sing for you a “special” song.

You will be surprised by a Beauty and the Beast song that they mix with Grease, audience will be finish dancing and clapping a Phantom of the Opera amazing sing.

The day that We were there almost the half of the restaurant danced a Conga to the street and around the tables. It was sooo funny.

Party time en Ellen?s Stardust Dinner

If you visit Ellen’s_Stardust_Diner, you will not be disappointed.

Whattimesailing Score: 9/10

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