MOM WALK OF SHAME – Bringing a baby on board


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Many times when a mom bring a baby on board, she has to do a MOM WALK OF SAME.

We have found this video on AwestruckTV facebook page and we want to share with you.

A flight is a nightmare for a baby. It has to be quite, strange and loud noise, rare smells, ear pain and a lot things that disturb the pleasant baby life. This is for a baby, let think about its mother may be worst is she has two or more children.

In the other hand, you will find the others passengers. Every little thing or sound will bother them.

Crying, playing, jumping, eating, pooping or any move that baby will do.

I were one of them, I have to admit it.? I saw a mom in the sidewalk with a baby, I thought that flight will be crazy.

One day, my mind changes. In a flight from Paris to NY, I watched how a mom with a child was having a rough time. She didn’t know how to calm it. She tried every movement, song, caress,… I thought that she invented new ways. Baby didn’t stop crying in around 5 or 6 hours.

Her faces showed despair and tired.? I understood that flight with a baby is a stressful situation and difficult to manner.

After all you can find rude people of different age and size.

What do you think??Do you have to deal with a situation like this?


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